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Comments from the half yearly questionnaire in 2016:

Recently become a volunteer. Doing the booking forms made me want to experience things for myself and to spend time with the members in a less formal atmosphere

Excellent organisation, everyone very caring and friendly, Have now become a volunteer myself

We are very happy with the group and really enjoy the holidays. The whole group are very happy and content

Would like more cultural activities and less sport. I have found LD workers Claire & Sharon very helpful and considerate to me as a parent.I think they have to be recognised for their hard work and kindness toward all.

The group is very well organised and is such a friendly group. It is great to see the friendships between members

Member is very proud that she learnt to take her tablets more independently in preparation for going on holiday. Being a member of LD is a big part of her life

Member is not always motivated to get involved in activities. It is good that there is such a wide  range of things she can choose from. She especialy likes knitting and trips with not too much walking

LD is an amazing organisation, enhancing so many lives. Staff and volunteers are so dedicated and as a family we would be devastated if this organisation didn't exist. Thank you all

LD is a brilliant club. Member has managed to do such a variety of events and pastimes and activities that we (as a family) would have been unable to provide. Thank you

Leisure Direct continues to make an important contribution to Member's social and enabling life. He thoroughly enjoys the activities that he attends

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Member would be very lonely and isolated but for Leisure Direct staff, volunteers and friends. Member has managed lots of different places and experiences which he may not have achieved with mum & dad or carers, but he copes so well in a group. Many thanks to you all.

Member is independent in many ways and very happy to go off with friends. Rather than giving us a break from each other, its more a case of giving her the opportunity to have time with people closer to her own age range and a break from us!

These all came from our half yearly questionnaire in October 2015 in response to: Are there any other Comments you would like to make?

As a carer I could not manage without Leisure Direct. What wonderful people your volunteers are! Thankyou very much for all you do, It benefits (member) and me and my family.  (BO'B)

Leisure Direct is a very important part of (members) and my life. Without it (member) would not have such a good social life and certainly not as many friends. The care and respect shown by Claire, Sharon and all volunteers is so good. An amazing, worthwhile and essential organisation. (DG)

Fantastic Potters holiday for (member)!! Great achievement for him. Thankyou so much for all your hard work Claire, Sharon and all volunteers. (Member) would be very lonely without Leisure Direct. (LM)

Brilliant Service!
Fantastic Opportunities and experiences Thankyou!!  (AM)

(Member) is enjoying the activities that she is able to access and is very happy to go off on her own to be in your care. It is a very much appreciated break for us as well. (MW)

Without Leisure Direct my daughters life would be empty. It offers a high level of organisation and care. In the office and on activities you get 100 per cent of peoples time. (SM)

My husband and I are more than delighted that (member) attends Leisure Direct, it has helped her in so many ways. (KE)

(Member) lives in a Mencap home. Its great that she can go out and be independent and she loves Leisure Direct. (PC)

Wonderful organisation! Brilliant for people with special needs. (VA)

Leisure Direct provides a vital service to my daughter. Without it her social life would be virtually non-existent with a seriously adverse effect on her mental well-being. It is also the best charity I have come across for organisation and motivation of volunteers. (DW)

(Member) has gained tremendously from attending Leisure Direct - her confidence is great now. (JS)

Brilliant group - makes (members) life so much more interesting and happy (JL)