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Members Comments
Members Comments
Sam did some work for the University of Hertfordshire and requested they made a donation to us for his time. This is what he had to say about it.

"I really appreciate that £200 is a lot of money but you can't put a price on the positive impact Leisure Direct has had on my life.  Maybe we could use this towards the Christmas party."

His generosity is an inspiration to us all and we greatly appreciate his desire to share this with his friends.

Thank you Claire Smith for a lovely holiday this year at potters & all the other volunteers too. I really enjoyed myself with everything apart from the shooting activity because i had not done it before and I didn't shoot the target once. I really like doing table tennis,badminton,golf,walking to the beach,arcades,the stalls they done on the green, and of course the staff there & the entertainment & disco's. I know everyone works hard. U need the feedback from us members to so then u will know what we enjoy and what to do every years and for activities too. Thank you Claire Smith. Could we do table tennis and badminton as activities please Claire cause I love playing them ? SR

Thanks for Chris Plunkett who was the Volunteer who looked after me on the Holiday and also to Claire Smith for when I was not well I will miss the Waitress and Waiters very much also Mark Brewer he makes me laugh a lot I loved the Entertainment that we had last night before the Disco when I had my photo taken with Elsa From Frozen I loved it I wished that I have not been ill now but I know that it can not be helped in a way. AC

Thank u for accepted me Im looking forward to doing some more activities with leisure direct looking forward to game and social on Tuesday and had fun yesterday at fruit picking I really enjoyed it being with friends again. SW

I enjoyed tonight at Game and social, looking forward to doing plenty more activities Leisure Direct is the best so far. SW

We been to Cambridge With Leisure Direct and we have a lovely time. RB

Thank you Claire Smith and the volunteers for the lovely day in Cambridge. CJ

Thank you to the volunteers and Claire Smith and Sharon Harding for the lovely night. CJ (Anniversary Party)