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Volunteer Comments
Volunteer Comments

Here are some of the things our volunteers say:

Good to spend time with Leisure Direct members, they are are all lovely people and know how to have fun. Also I find the other volunteers easy to get on with and it feels like a good use of volunteer time. There is plenty of chance to be creative yourself too in many ways with a big variety of activities on offer. Julia

I love my volunteering because I've made friends with people I otherwise would not have met I feel it's nice to make a difference and help people who need to experience life's many activities and also have fun as well.  Sandra 

“I first became involved with Leisure Direct when my son became a member and through them his social life just ’took off’. He has made many friends and enjoyed the varied activities that are on offer each week! I then decided to volunteer as I could see how this organisation was transforming his life. Although I can choose how many activities I am involved with, I get so much pleasure helping such a happy group of people. Why don’t you give it a try – come and join us!”  Janet

  1. I work full time and my spare time is limited but Leisure Direct is so flexible - I can book on as much or as little as I am able to.
  2. I had been looking to volunteer for a while but I couldn't commit to the same time every week. Leisure Direct is perfect for me as the programme is published well in advance so I can plan ahead according to my availability.
  3. It is so rewarding helping the member's learn new skills and ensuring they have fun.
  4. The programme is varied with activities from sport and socials to art, drama, theatre and music.
  5. Since I joined in October, members and volunteers alike have been so welcoming and I quickly felt a valued member of the team.
  6. The programme is very well organised and we are invited to give feedback on activities and contribute ideas for future events.  Helen 

I really enjoy being a volunteer to see the members growing in confidence, meeting up with their friends and really enjoying all the activities leisure direct put on for them. The holiday is another chance for us to all join in the activities and evening entertainment, and even the quiet reserved members coming into their own. As a volunteer it is very rewarding, and for me a delight to be working with the members.  Chris 

I have enjoyed volunteering with Leisure Direct for a number of years now. The members are a tonic to work with, so appreciative & so obviously enjoy the wide variety of events that are provided. Apart from the satisfaction found in working with the members there is enormous support provided to the volunteers by the two staff members & fellow volunteers.  Pat

It is wonderful to see the members trying new experiences and enjoying themselves. I can fit in being a volunteer even though I work full time, there is never any pressure to attend events.  Trudie

There is great satisfaction in helping people achieve new challenges and enjoy new experiences. Leisure Direct offers all of these opportunities in a very sociable atmosphere that both members and volunteers enjoy.  Lesley

"I have enjoyed being a volunteer with Leisure Direct for about 12 years. It is like being part of a big friendly and happy family.
There is much fun and variety as well as ensuring the safety and well-being of our members all of whom have a learning disability. Leisure Direct activities are at different times of the day and on different days of the week and are described in a 2 monthly newsletter. Volunteers can choose which activities, days and times suit them best."  Margaret F

I have always enjoyed spending time with Leisure Direct members and find it very rewarding and worthwhile. Without volunteers our members would lead a very narrow life and not be able to enjoy the many activities Leisure Direct make available to them. Good to be able to make a difference. (Leisure Direct needs YOU!!)  Marie

Having stopped work through ill health, I am for the first time for years using my brain, using some of my training and years of experience, not for money which I do not need, but just for the benefit of others less able than myself. That's some feel good factor!  Jenny